botones alexander 1922

Buttons like almost everything in life have rules. Here is a brief description of the Always, Sometimes and never of the buttons.

The Double-Breasted

Only button the middle one if more than one button is functional. Double-breasted jackets are ideal for skinny men as the jacket ads more width to your skinny torso.(For more information about the different types of Double-Breasted Suits look for our post on “The Double-Breasted Suit”).

The Three Button

Probably the most confusing of them all since there are many combinations but only one is right: The Middle button. Just like Aristotle the truth lies in the middle with the exception of the first (top) button. It is accepted sometimes to button the top button. The Three Button suit is mostly recommended for tall people. The three buttons and the short V create a slicker image.

The Two Button

The two-button jacket has only one combination: the top button ONLY. There are no exceptions to this rule any excuses for it. This jacket is very convenient for broader men; the slimming effect brought by a deeper V will lengthen your torso and make you look dapper.

The One Button

If you have problems or doubts about what button has to be button we recommend you to fill the form in our consultation section because you obviously need immediate help. For the one that are a little bit more advanced in fashion we recommend the One-button Jacket for the shorter men. The One-button jacket will give length to your torso and make you look taller.